Cortisone Shots Can Really Hurt You!

Since the 1940’s cortisone injections have become standard medical practice to fight inflammation in musculoskeletal conditions.  In a society that demands quick results with everything, including our health, cortisone injections have been providing a quick solution to many problems like that.

Recent studies though clearly demonstrate that cortisone injections can have major adverse effects to our health.  A major new review article, published last Friday in The Lancet, intensifies the doubts about cortisone’s efficacy. The review showed that after 6 months from the injection, people who received cortisone shots had a much lower rate of full recovery than those who did nothing or who underwent physical therapy.

The New York Times recently published the outcomes of the above study and included opinions of various experts that conclude that Physical Therapy can be a more effective and safer way to deal with musculoskeletal inflammation.

Perhaps we have to adjust our expectations about the time of recovery and understand that a slower recovery via good quality manual physical therapy can be a healthier and more effective long-term option.​