Manual Physical Therapy

A 22 year old student who has never played tennis but works out regularly and uses his laptop computer extensively at the university presented to our office with moderate pain in the right elbow at the right epicondylar region. The pain started a month ago and patient did not seek any help until the pain made him unable to use his laptop computer.

He visited an orthopedist who diagnosed Lateral Epicondylitis of the right elbow and administered a cortisone shot. Patient’s pain subsided for about a week and started again.

Patient whose father used to be a previous patient of our organization recommended him to see us. Indeed patient came with direct access to receive evaluation and treatment from us.

When we asked the patient what treatment if the orthopedist recommended to him Physical Therapy the patient answered that the physician was convinced that the shot will be all that he needs.

TREATMENT: Upon a thorough evaluation we found that the patient had no significant involvement of the wrist extensor musculature, however patient exhibited increased MyoFascial Trigger Point activity in the Right Brachioradialis and Right Supinator muscles. Prolonged and repetitive use of a keyboard frequently produces an overuse type of syndrome to the above mentioned muscles.

Both of these muscles are well known as producing a referred pain pattern in the epicondylar region.

This patient was treated successfully with 8 short Manual Therapy session and has been pain free for the past several weeks.

The entire treatment took place in the two muscles mentioned above along with stretching, strengthening and a home exercise program.

This is the power of properly applied Manual Physical Therapy!