Osteoarthritis and Physical Therapy

Motion is emotion. The less we move the more we feel miserable and in the case of arthritis the problem is not only emotional but physical too. There is a natural tendency from people when they feel unhappy and in pain to do even less and the less we do the more we feel miserable and the more we hurt. This vicious cycle has become people’s second nature. The older we get the less we move and when we have to move, we move in the wrong way misusing our body for a better word of abusing our body.

Arthritis comes in many forms with osteoarthritis been the most common one. Osteoarthritis is a condition that is inevitable to all of us. Osteoarthritis in the medical community is also called degenerative joint disease and is the result of “wear and tear” of the joints through the years. All joints are built to absorb shocks with the help of a rubbery material which is called cartilage. This natural cushion covers the joints and reduces friction. The older we get though; this cartilage goes through stages of degeneration through use, overuse and more importantly through misuse of our bodies.

How many of us due to work requirements sit in front of a computer using only our fingers and our brain? Have you felt the stiffness in your lower back, neck, knees and hips? If not yet, it is a matter of time before you will. The only solution is motion. The more we move, whether is a simple walk or going to the gym, the more we delay the degeneration process.

At the same time, for the cases that need more attention due to symptoms of pain and moderate to severe stiffness, Physical and Occupational Therapy is the main solution. With the use of special techniques and exercises a licensed Physical and Occupational therapist aims to bring you back to a level that you can perform your every day activities without difficulty. Improving the mobility of your joints increasing your strength and educating you in to how you can take care of your body through therapeutic methods and activity modifications.  This is our primary goal.

Remember, if you really want to feel better, start moving now!

Kostas Rizopoulos DPT