The Importance of A GREAT STAFF

happyreceptionist The Importance of A GREAT STAFFOver the past few weeks we have started encouraging every patient that comes into our facility to write a brief review of their experience here with us. We hand them a paper and we let them fill it out on their own. We try not to linger over them so they don’t feel pressured into saying something they might not be feeling.

The returns have been wonderful. Many more positive than negative and very helpful to us to know to keep doing the good things and to change the bad things.

As expected many of the reviews are about the physical therapy treatment they recieve. The pain that they are no longer feeling is highlighted, or perhaps the extra time the therapist is willing to put in. We have, however, been extremely pleased to find that more and more people aren’t commenting just on the quality care they are receiving from therapists here, but also the quality care they are receiving from staff members, like the front desk, or the administrative department.

Take a look: 

“Irene is top shelf service at front desk and Salome is too. Wonderful ladies are wonderful!”
“The treatment has really been helpful and the staff are pleasant, accommodating, and receptive to clients needs.”

“Very good treatment. Therapists and staff are very concerned about my health. I am very happy about my treatment and care. Thank you very much.”

A top notch staff makes the service complete. It is simply not enough that the therapists care about your experience. You need to know that everyone involved in the process really cares for you and wants to help you get better.

So thanks to Irene, Salome, and all the staffers out there who are going the extra mile!

Keep smiling!