Want to Have “Happy Feet”?

The average person walks “about 5 miles a day, and over the course of an average lifetime that’s 115 thousand miles, that’s four times the circumference of the Earth.”

No wonder our feet hurt.

That is just one of the interesting facts that noted Podiatrist Dr. Ryan Minara spoke about to a group of Astoria residents at the new Hands-On Physical Therapy of NY facility in Queens.

Check out some highlights of the event, or scroll below to read a few helpful pointers:

Put Health Above Fashion: “Something as small as a 2” heel can add the pressure on the front of the foot by 75%, which is crazy considering all the pressure we put on the foot normally,”

Buy Shoes At The Right Time: “When you wake up in the morning that’s the best your feet are going to look and feel. If you buy shoes then, they are not going to fit you right. You have to wait until the middle of the day when they are a little bit swollen, because everybody’s feet swell (but if) you wait too late at night they are going to be too loose overall.” So try and buy your shoes in the middle of the day, or right after work.

Gradual Change Is Key: “Some people always run on a treadmill, and they say ‘I want to run in the park, I want to run on the streets.’ It’s a very different surface and you can hurt yourself depending on the surface that you are running on. Same thing can happen in reverse.” So if changing surfaces from your routine be sure to gradually make the change.