What is VERTIGO anyway?

sneha ff What is VERTIGO anyway?
I think most people would agree that the word “vertigo” is a familiar one.

There was a movie with the title, and it seems to come up every now and then in our lexicon.


Well Physical Therapist Sneha Dhareshwar breaks it down for you here:


Vertigo by definition is a spinning sensation, wherein everything around you is moving.  It can be associated with nausea and vomiting.

Vertigo can be caused by any of following reasons:

1.       Sudden change in neck position(positional Vertigo)
2.       Head and neck injuries
3.       Inner ear infections
4.       Meniere’s disease
5.       Other neurological diseases eg: multiple sclerosis
6.       Complication associated with diabetes


1.       Dizziness
2.       Nausea  and vomiting
3.       Headaches
4.       Ringing /tinnitus in the ear
5.       Balance disorder
6.       Increased sweating
7.       Abnormal eye movements


Physical examination of ear
Physical examination of eye movements
CAT scan/ MRI
Videonystagmography (VNG) / elcetronystagmography (ENG)

The treatment depends on your symptoms and examination with your Doctor.

1. Medications: antibiotics/ dizziness suppressants as prescribed
2. Physical therapists play a vital role in treatment of vertigo.

  • Examination with Hall Pike Dix Test
  • Positional maneuvers to correct BPPV/positional vertigo
  • Exercises for habituation
  • Exercises to improve balance and independence

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