Seven Ways We Are CHANGING This BLOG!

Hello friends,

You all have a lot going on. You probably connect with thousands of different people and companies a week, whether that’s reading blogs like this one, being a fan of a page on facebook, connecting with companies on LinkedIn, or following friends and celebrities on Twitter.

It’s a lot. We know.

Well have no fear, we have decided to make following us a little bit simpler.

In the past we would post blog articles whenever we found something interesting out there. A nice thing, but frankly, in this helter skelter world, not a very convenient thing for you, the reader. We lacked consistency. You never knew what you will be getting from us.

From now on we are going to PLATFORM! That’s right folks, like your TV schedule on Thursday nights, you are now going to KNOW what to EXPECT from us. A post a day. Each day of the week will be assigned a specific type of post.

Here’s how it’ll work: 

Success Story Saturdays: Here we will close our mouths and let OUR PATIENTS tell the story! We will post a success story, hand written by our patients (then typed by us and put in our blog!). Remember, patient success stories are WHY WE ARE HERE!

Sunday Funday: Sunday things HAVE to be called “SUNDAY FUNDAY” right?! Sunday’s we will put up a photo. The key here is the photo will have to reflect FUN in one way or another. It will be on you to express what you find fun about the picture!

Monday’s Musings (clever right?): Each Monday one of our Physical Therapists will write a short piece filled with helpful health tips, with mystery busting FACTS about Physical Therapy, or maybe a story or two about inspiring patients who got better – from THEIR POINT OF VEIW. It’s going to be educating, fun, and, dare I say…moving.

Telegenic Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, we will put up a beautiful, inspiring, educational, or just plain GOOFY picture. A picture says a thousand words, right? Well not literally, so we will also put a little written blurb in there to provide some context.

Wild Card Wednesdays: Wednesdays can be tough. Busy week is just getting busier! Here we will let our hair down about the rules and we will hit you with whatever we have. Maybe this will be a SUCCESS STORY. Maybe we’ll double up and post another photo. Maybe we’ll become museum curators and post something from an interesting blog article that we found out there. You’ll have to check in to see!

Video Thursdays: You’ve had a long week, so we won’t make you read. Every Thursday we will put up a video! These will include staff biographies, “HOW TO” VIDEOS where our Therapists SHOW you how to properly do some exercises, and much, much MORE!

Friday Recap: Here we will take a stroll down memory lane and recap all of the exciting things that occured on the blog this week. Consider this the highlight show (and hopefully not the blooper reel)! Here we will ask you what was your favorite day this week and offer you the opportunity to suggest what we should do next!

It’s going to be a fun ride! Be sure to check in, and more importantly TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!