What do our patients think?

Here we feel that patient feedback is an ESSENTIAL part of any Physical Therapy practice. We encourage ALL of our patients to speak up about their experience. Well, we are happy to report that we have been getting some pretty positive feedback.

Take a look:

Translation from Spanish:  “Thank God, thank my medicare, thank the excellent therapists.  To date, I have not felt any pain in my shoulder; I don’t want to experience that horrible pain ever again.  God bless those two therapists: one pretty young lady and one educated young man, thank you thank you thank you and thank God for the services I was given.  With much love and respect, Venecia Perez.”

“Everyone at the Madison Avenue office is terrific, but I would especially like to mention Kinjal, who is in charge of my therapy.  She is a stellar therapist and human being – a definite asset to your clinic.  I have discontinued my therapy temporarily, due to problems with my medication.  After I have taken care of this serious issue, I plan to resume my therapy.  I definitely feel it helps my pain level and my particular situation.”

“Everyone at the Madison Avenue office was wonderful, especially Kinjal, and so was laser, when I can afford it.  To all the staff: you are so kind and wonderful.”

“Without the therapy that I received, I don’t know if I would have been able to use my right hand.  I will forever be greatful for all that was done for me.  Even when I became upset, the therapist had compassion for me and calmed me down.”

These are just some of the highlights! We will be rolling out more of these as they come in.
Congratulations to our staff, and THANK YOU to our wonderful patients!