Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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Healing Exercises: Simple home exercises will help the hip heal as strength and mobility improve. Always consult with your doctor and physical therapist before doing any exercises. You can repeat all of these exercises 10 – 15 times. Stop if you experience any pain. Don’t forget to do an equal number on the other side!

Knee Extension: While lying on your back on a comfortable surface such as a bed, place a pillow under both knees. Slowly straighten one leg at a time, hold your leg extended for a count of five, then gently lower.

Hip Abduction: Lie on your side with the legs stacked on top of each other, with a pillow between your knees. Keep your toes pointing forward, or slightly outwards. Now, raise your top leg upward and gently lower it.

Gluteal Muscle Hip Extension: Lie flat on your back with your legs together. Gently squeeze your gluteal muscles and hold for a count of 5, then release. As you get stronger, extend the hold up to a count of 10.

Knee Extension (static): Lie on your back with your legs together. Tighten the quadriceps (the front of your thigh) and press the back of your knee down. Hold for a count of 5, and then release.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Modern society comes with desk jobs, prolonged sitting, and repetitive motions that weaken the hip joints. As a result, the lower back and knees are forced to compensate. Muscle imbalances and poor posture compound the problem. Over time, this reinforces poor movement patterns, eventually resulting in pain and discomfort.

It’s not too late, however, to say ‘Hip, Hip, Hooray!’ Regular walking is the easiest way to keep the hip joint healthy. Try and get in as many steps as you can every day and involve a friend or significant other.

Before you start any exercises, schedule an appointment with us. As your physical therapists, we will evaluate and identify ways to protect and strengthen your hip joints. The truth is – most individuals have unstable, weak hip joints with limited movements. We can help address this right away. Don’t compound the problem by ignoring it.

Schedule an appointment with us right away, and we’ll tell you what’s going on within minutes of your initial evaluation. Physical therapy can indeed change your life. We look forward to working with you.