Physical Therapy to Keep You at Play

Physical therapy to keep you play Queens & Astoria, NY

For people with chronic pain or medical conditions, participating in sports and other activities may be out of the question, but physical therapy can help. Even for those who believe themselves to be in good physical condition, physical therapy can enhance performance and aid in reducing the risk of injury.

Physical therapy is appropriate for adults and children participating in any organized sports. It’s a year-round solution that keeps individuals in good physical condition for whatever activity they choose to enjoy. The human body is susceptible to a myriad of injuries ranging from strains, sprains and fractures to injured muscles and dislocations.

Many people over-estimate their physical condition and don’t realize that each type of activity requires different muscle sets. An individual who has spent the winter skiing successfully isn’t necessarily in the appropriate physical condition to run a marathon.

Repetitive motion is one of the most common causes of injuries during recreational activities. It’s particularly prevalent in baseball pitchers, golfers, tennis players and even bicyclists. Activities in which any part of the body moves repeatedly in the same motions or that requires a significant amount of force behind an action can result in an injury.

Keep On Playing

Physical therapy will keep every part of the body ready to participate in activities ranging from rock climbing to golf. A physical therapist can show patients how to perform motions that reduce the potential for injury at work, home and play.

Physical therapy is beneficial for:

  • Improving flexibility
  • Building stability
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Improving range of motion
  • Better physical conditioning

Physical therapy is so effective that world-class Olympic competitors regularly utilize the therapies available to keep themselves in peak condition. Injuries have the potential to sideline even professional athletes for several games, the season, or even end a career. Physical therapy can determine a patient’s strengths and areas of weakness that could result in an injury.

Active participation isn’t the only time that individuals can sustain an injury. Insufficient stretching and warm-ups, poor training methods and overtraining can easily result in a serious injury. Many people over train and don’t even realize it. Muscle fatigue is common when the body isn’t allowed to rest and rebuild itself sufficiently.