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SMARTfit - Astoria, NY

At Hands-On Physical Therapy, we’ve introduced a new, innovative technology into our practice: SMARTfit!


SMARTfit technology focuses on the improvement of a patient’s brain motor network. Therefore, it is commonly used for the treatment of balance and vestibular disorders. However, it can also aid in the recovery of neural injuries or concussions.


SMARTfit works by training the brain and improving memory. When using SMARTfit, a patient will undergo a series of targeted exercises to improve visual, brain, and motor function. In turn, this will allow for a healthier brain and central nervous system.


According to the SMARTfit website, “Research shows a strong link between the delay or reversal of age-related brain function decline and an active lifestyle. Most importantly, SMARTfitOS also delivers customized, scalable, and evidence-based programming and reporting.”


Are you interested in trying out our SMARTfit technology? Contact Hands-On Physical Therapy today to learn more about how it can benefit you!


What does SMARTfit technology do?


SMARTfit is designed specifically to enhance rehabilitation for acute and chronic-stage neurological and orthopedic disorders. At Hands-On Physical Therapy, our experienced physical therapists will customize your SMARTfit exercise plan to your unique needs. 


Regardless of age or severity of injury or disability, SMARTfitOS is capable of improving speed and reducing time for visual recognition, aid in vision and memory retention, improve a patient’s natural ability to concentrate, and enhance hand-eye coordination.


The SMARTfit website lists some of its most beneficial features as:


  • Training/retraining visual fields.
  • Increasing speed and span of visual processing.
  • Improving visual attention and memory and response time.
  • Developing concentration, decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Sharpening bilateral coordination and eye-hand coordination.

Whether you’re an athlete trying to improve your sports performance, a child in need of motor skill development, or stroke patient in need of neural and orthopedic enhancement, SMARTfit is here for you!

Consult with a physical therapist to learn more about SMARTfit!

At Hands-On Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY, we are here to help you reach your physical goals. SMARTfit can help get you there!

This technology focuses on exercises that are not only effective and motivating but also fun. These exercises help aid in retention and recovery among patients by allowing them to do activities that are engaging. If you are interested in adding our SMARTfit services into your treatment plan, contact our office today!

We will set up a consultation for you so you can hear more about the many ways in which SMARTfit will benefit you and help you reach your goals. Get moving today!

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