Hands-On Physical Therapy provides evidence-based high-quality EMG/NCS (ElectroMyoGraphy / Nerve Conduction Studies) Testing and MSKUS (Musculoskeletal Ultrasound) which can be very valuable and necessary tests to help the physician confirm the patient diagnosis.

In a recent study, 60% of patients who received EMG or Ultrasound Testing by their Physical Therapist had more effective treatment plans and better Physical Therapy outcomes.

EMG/NCS Testing is one of the most reliable diagnostic tools for many dysfunctions of the Neuromuscular System.

Solving the puzzle of patient diagnosis leads to accurate physical therapy treatments. Patients with symptoms of numbness, tingling, paresthesia, and weakness can be rather challenging to diagnose.

The wrong diagnosis and physical therapy treatment can not only prolong the patient’s suffering, worry, and disability but can be costly and even dangerous for the patient.

At Hands-On EMG Testing in Queens-Astoria, NYC, we provide physicians and patients alike, with valuable information about the integrity of the neuromuscular system by utilizing EMG/NCS as well as MSKUS to better assess some of the ambiguous issues going on in the patient’s body.

Entrapment syndromes, such as carpal tunnel or tarsal tunnel syndromes, peripheral neuropathies, radiculopathies, and myopathies, can be confirmed with electrophysiology testing.

Dr. Kostopoulos is Board Certified in Clinical Electrophysiology Testing by ABPTS and Dr. Rizopoulas is Board Certified in Musculoskeletal and Point of Care Ultrasound with many years of experience and numerous article publications.

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We believe in a team approach. Our team of highly trained professionals, always in the closest cooperation and communication with a doctor’s practice, is here to provide you with a very pleasant and comfortable experience, and to obtain the most valuable information needed for the doctor to accurately diagnose and properly treat their patients. Proper testing assists in the correct diagnosis that leads to appropriate physical therapy treatment.

EMG/NCS testing and MSKUS can be part of your health solution now!