Patient Testimonials

  • Diane Nivicela

  • Bill Kahn

  • Kathy Kelty

  • Kathy Bidgood

  • Carlos

  • Jean Gallow

  • Rose Franzone

  • Steven Angelo Colon

  • “As a parent with a 7-year-old child with Cerebral Palsy, I have been to so many physical therapists. My child receives therapy at school but a few months ago, I heard from the mother of one of the other kids at school that she also brings him to Hands-On and that he has made great gains. I decided to bring my daughter to Hands-On too and try what they would do for him. The past 4 months my daughter has improved so much. The therapists of Hands-On and Physiocare are using some new techniques that can stimulate the connection between the brain and the body to improve faster. Thank you for making a difference in my child’s life!”

    Carol A.

  • “I fell during the last snowstorm and hurt my tailbone. The doctors said to rest and get some physical therapy. My son in law goes for therapy to Hands-On and I started going with him. A week later my next door neighbor hurt her elbow and now all three of us drive together to Hands-On and Physiocare three times a week. The therapists and all the staff treat us so well and we feel as if we are at home. They have now become like friends to us. Thank you all for the great help!”

    Jenny S.

  • “I am a secretary at a medical office. I started feeling numbness in my right hand and my boss examined me and diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He immediately sent me to Hands-On and Physiocare. I knew about them from the positive comments I had heard from other patients we had sent to them. I was pleased to find out first hand that everything I had heard was so true. I was treated so well from everyone. The therapists explained to me that they applied a special technique to mobilize my obstructed nerve. It only took a few weeks and I now feel as if I never had a problem. For sure they will get all PT referrals from our office.”

    Tania T.

  • “I would like to thank the therapists of Hands-On and Physiocare for the wonderful therapy they gave me after my hip surgery. Not only they treated my hip but they gave me exercises and instructions on what to do at home. I now feel so much better.”

    Sara S.

  • “I was so devastated when my husband had a stroke. He used to take care of anything and everything and now I was so lost. The worse was that we felt so hopeless. After he finished with homecare physical therapy the doctor suggested that I bring him to a physical therapy office. Although, Hands-On and Physiocare was far away from my home I brought him here because I had heard from other people that you are the best. And they were right. Not only you treated us with respect, but you helped both of us deal with this situation and you stood on our side every step of the way. Thank you all so much!”

    Stamatis and Maria S.

  • “I work in construction for the past 30 years. I have injured myself several times, however nothing compares to the shoulder injury I got last year while falling off a scaffold and trying to hold myself up with my right arm. At the emergency room the doctors diagnosed that I had torn several shoulder muscles. I had extensive surgery and the orthopedist recommended that I go to Hands-On and Physiocare since he wanted me to see a very competent therapist for the serious condition I had. The staff was very kind to me, the office accepted my worker’s compensation insurance and helped me with all paperwork needed. I have been very pleased for the level of care I received and for the manner that I was treated by all the staff.”

    Paul R.

  • “My Phys Ed teacher told my mother to bring me to Hands-On after I hurt my foot during basketball. The people were very cool with me and helped me to get rid of the swelling of my foot. I am now back in the court. They were really nice and cool.”

    Jacke S.

  • “As a business executive I travel frequently. Six months ago while travelling to Boston I was involved in a car accident hurting my neck. I was recommended to Hands-On and Physiocare from the CEO of our company who used them last year for his shoulder problem. The therapists not only evaluated and treated my problem effectively but were very flexible to accommodate my erratic and busy schedule. They also worked with my out of state insurance to make sure that I did not have to pay a dime. I am so happy with them that I have already referred them two of my associates.”

    Stuart S.

  • After my 60th birthday knee pain was a routine. I had a hard time walking, bending to pick up my grandchildren and going to shop for groceries became almost impossible. When my neighbor suggested Hands-On and Physiocare I was reluctant because I did not think anything would work. The therapist listened to my problem, treated me with care and compassion and after a few visits I started feeling better. Now, I go for a few visits every year and 10 years later I managed to avoid surgery and continue living a fulfilling life.”

    Maria Y.

  • “As a mother of 3, everyday life has been challenging for my body and back pain was a way of life. Through the years I sought help from at least 3 physical therapy offices and various chiropractors. Nobody was able to rid me of my pain because I was given the wrong treatment. A friend of mine asked me to at least try this facility which was my last resort before surgery. The therapists of Hands-On Care PT and PhysicoCare explained to me aspects of my care that had never been addressed. They also gave me suggestions on how to manage and handle my body in ways that now allow me to enjoy life.”

    Patty H.

  • “When I first came to Hands On therapy I was in a lot of pain. I was assured by Eleanor and Daniella that I would feel better soon. They answered all my questions and showed me different exercises to do. As promised I feel much better and I’m almost 100%. I would recommend this place because everyone is very kind, helpful and very professional. I have had therapy in a few different places and Hands On Therapy is the best because of all the staff working together.”

    Katherine C.

  • “I want to sincerely thank Fara for the wonderful work she has done… My story is a simple one… I had severe pain in my calf. The pain was so bad at times that my daughter took to the emergency room. I thought I was having a heart attack or a traveling blood clot. After my diagnosis, I started coming to Hands-On and I feel like a new person. I’m so grateful.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!”

    Licia A.

  • “When I first came to Hands-On I was very limited with things I would do with my right arm. Putting my coat, dressing, personal care, was very difficult. The therapy that was given for my problem, helped me to be independent. My therapist Vinit, really helped me to reach that state of well-being. Vinit and all the rest of the staff at Hands-On are very caring, professional and helpful. I would strongly recommend it to friends. I will miss my weekly visits.
    Thank you to all!”


  • “Thanks to Hands-On I am no longer walking with a limp. I have learned exercises that I could at home to continue to help me achieve 100% mobility for my knee. The staff was pleasant. The building was clean and there is always a pleasant smile at the reception area.”

    Yutte W.

  • “I’m very pleased with the results of my therapy treatment.
    Thank you so much.”

    Maria C.

  • “Since I started treatment at Hands-On I have been able once again to be active. I have started boxing and Zumba. I am able to take walk again with my students and dance with my husband. Thank you so much for my rehab and the many laughs.”

    Christina K.

  • “Thank you all so much for your help! I feel that the staff here (PTs, Aides, Front Desk and Exercise specialists) are #1! Everyone was so helpful, especially with assisting me with setting up my transportation. Additionally, I really appreciate Anthony’s help with translating and interpreting so that I can communicate with the therapist and other staff. Everyone was caring and helpful.
    You guys are the best!”

    Tinh T.

  • “I have enjoyed my therapy here. All the staff are great. My shoulder has improved very much since I first came here.”

    Lowry C.

  • “From the first time I received treatment, I have felt better every day. I cannot thank you people enough for helping me recover from a triple wrist fracture. I was given exercises to do at home which involve strengthening and flexibility. Many thanks to all staff.
    This works and works well!”

    Sally D.F.

  • “I really like this place because they helped me improve my injury that I had on my right thumb. I also like the activities that they make me do because they push me to heal my thumb.”

    Alexis P.


    Daina R.

  • “Best PT Place EVER!!!
    Best Therapist EVER!!!”

    Christopher L.

  • “Thanks to all the people. Everybody was very kind and helpful. They really help me a lot on my recovery.
    Thank you very much.”


  • “I feel very happy with the therapy. Each of the therapist used their skill with professionalism and caring. They make me feel good, like at home and I feel sad to leave.”


  • “I started my physical Therapy at Hands-On care three months ago with extreme pain due to my Fibromyalgia which I have suffered with it for 5 years. The therapist at Hands-On were very knowledgeable about my condition and used innovative techniques to greatly improve my health and well-being. As a result I feel better than I have in 3 years, I reduced all my pain killers, I learned a routine to maintain on my own and I look much better! Many thanks to the staff!!”


  • “My experience with Hands-On has been nothing less than wonderful. The staff is patient and understanding. There is a genuine interest in the patient. I was able to discuss my issues with the staff allowing us to create a plan to ease my pain. They treat the cause and not just the symptoms of your pain. I’m now more comfortable at work and in my personal life. Not only did they treat me, they taught me how to adjust my lifestyle to ease my pain. It would not hesitate in recommending Hands-On to friends and family”

    Athanasios S.

  • P.S. Even the staff at the front desk makes you feel so welcomed! That is hard to find!

    “I’m very grateful to all the personnel here. They are very helpful; make you fill like family. They are very friendly, very professional and very attentive and they treat every body with respect and consideration. You can tell they care.
    100% the best.”


  • “This place is AMAZING! I have been in severe pain (neck/ shoulder) before and after surgery and nobody has been able to help except Hands-On PT. Not only did they manage to do what no Drs can but also they make PT FUN! I’m actually quite sad that I won’t be returning anymore (unless needed). I live a pain free life now thanks to the wonderful work of Hands-On team. They Changed My Life!”