SMARTfit - Astoria, NY


Our experts at Hands-On Physical Therapy are excited to announce the latest piece of technology to join our team: SMARTfit. SMARTfit is a tool especially designed to enhance rehabilitation for acute and chronic-stage neurological and orthopedic disorders.  A trained expert will be able to prepare highly customized exercise programs to fit the needs of the individual patient. Regardless of age or severity of injury or disability, SMARTfitOS is capable of improving speed and reducing time for visual recognition, aid in vision and memory retention, improve a patient’s natural ability to concentrate, and enhance hand-eye coordination. The result can improve an athlete’s performance on the field, help a child develop their motor skills, and treat patients who have been victim’s of Alzheimer’s Disease or stroke.




To see if  SMARTfit is the ideal treatment solution for you, contact us today.